... blood flows through white mazes underground ...
When two siblings, Elisabeth and Akira McFlay, are entrapped in a net of mysterious black armies and white laboratories, they are forced to remember a forgotten past and contain their newly found abilities that can produce catastrophic consequences. 

"Blood, a sea haunting Elisabeth’s dreams, a knife in her hands; 
she doesn’t want to know who took her life away. "

PANOPTIC SNOW is a  psychological speculative fiction thriller, written by Blake Lavia. It is the first in a series of five novels. 
 Elisabeth and Akira don’t know they are products of the ASR, a dark money corporation that owns their lives and unusual abilities. The ‘siblings’ live ignorant of their owners, as they finish their last year of high school. Yet, the time has come for them to be retrieved and brought to the ASR’s underground scientific base: District 22. It is a shock when an army of masked soldiers come to retrieve them, along with Jack Daiki McCarran. Jack is also ASR property. However, he has risen through the ranks of the ASR due to his usual ability to highjack his victim’s nervous system.

Elisabeth and Akira flee Jack, but in the end, they are caught underground, constantly watched by the prying eyes of white cameras. The ASR’s doctors keep Akira sedated, afraid of his tendency to make buildings erupt in flames. Meanwhile, rivers of blood escape Elisabeth’s nightmares. Her thoughts can shift reality, transform the world into a mirror of her psyche.
The siblings’ presence in the underground destabilizes Jack’s maniacal control. His memories of Akira and Elisabeth as children have shattered his resolve to blindly follow orders. Elisabeth was Jack’s childhood best friend, and their past relationship soon morphs into a sadistic attraction. Jack becomes increasingly nervous, as the ASR begins to experiment on Elisabeth and Akira, testing the boundaries of science and common sense. The underground maze of white laboratories, soldiers and doctors can’t contain the ticking time bombs about to explode. 
PANOPTIC SNOW is not currently published, and Blake Lavia is in the process of querying agents and publishing houses. 
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